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Name: Gavroche Thénardier
Canon: Les Misérables
Original or Alternate Universe: OU
Canon Point: post-death
Number: Randomize me!

Setting: Paris, 1832
History: Gavroche's mother never loved him. Mme. Thenardier was mother only to her daughters (Eponine and Azelma) and considered her sons nothing more than a burden. His father was always far more interested in his various money making scheme than any of his children five children. And so, despite not technically being an orphan, Gavroche found himself on the streets at a young age, returning to his family home but rarely.

On the street, Gavroche did much as might be expected for a child on his own in nineteenth century Paris. He operated on the edges of society, largely stealing to eat and eventually finding shelter in an elephant statue. Victor Hugo provided a history for the elephant. I will spare you. It was less drafty than sleeping under bridges. For a few months, he apprenticed with a printer. Everywhere he went, he picked up songs and poems.

Eventually, he came across two young boys who have been turned out of their home and are thoroughly lost. Not realizing they are in fact his younger brothers, he still took the pair of them under his wing, feeding them and providing them a safe space to sleep in the elephant as well as instruction in the correct use of slang to blend in. An entire section of the book was devoted to a discussion of this slang. I shall spare you.

At dawn that morning, Gavroche was summoned to assist in a prison escape. It was not until he had already scaled a chimney to bring up a rope that he realized that it is his father who is escaping. His father continued to not care.

He sent the boys on their way, instructing them to return that night if they did not find their intended destination. It was the last he saw of them, though he often wondered what became of them.

That night, as the chaos began, Gavroche insisted on taking the pistol he saw in a shop window. It was only after he left that he realized it lacked a trigger. Yet he still went waving it off to the barricade while singing. Oddly, along the way he stopped to assist a fallen member of the National Guard before continuing on his way to revolt. Les Amis de l'ABC accept him readily enough into their ranks, walking with him to their destination while he sang loudly.

When the revolutionaries began to build their barricade, Gavroche involved himself in everyone's business. He suggested items to add, he hauled equipment, he demanded a gun from anyone who would listen and he watched one particular man intently. Eventually, he was sent to scout around as his small size would allow him to slip by unseen. He chose that moment to point out that the man he had been watching was in fact a police spy. And insist that he receive the spy's gun.

Gavroche returned to the barricade singing out a warning and earning himself his desired big gun. After the first wave and first death among the revolutionaries, he remained dutifully at his post, allowing him to warn the others of a second stealthier attack. However, he neglected to check that the gun was loaded and was saved only by the timely arrival of Marius Pontmercy.

After the death of Gavroche's sister Eponine, who he didn't realize was even at the barricade, Marius learned that Gavroche was the son of Thénardier. He thus asked the boy to take a letter to Cosette and not return. After some persuading, Gavroche agreed to the errand, though he quickly realized that he could still make it there and back before any attack at dawn. You tried, Marius. Gavroche made his way back to the barricade, smashing lanterns and stealing carts fro the revolution along the way.

He returned just as the next attack began. And in time to overhear that they were fifteen minutes from running out of cartridges. He slipped out of the barricade and began gathering ammunition from the dead lying in the streets. After an initial plea to return, those of the barricade dared not call out for fear of calling attention to him. As he gathered, he sang while soldiers shot at him, missing time and again. But it only takes one bullet. He continued to sing as he sank to the earth, only to be silenced by the second.

Personality: Despite being a character in Les Miserables, Gavroche is actually not miserable. He's managed to get by using his wits, and done, as far as he's concerned, alright for himself. It's not the life of a king, but it's his life. That said, he wishes greatly to change his fortunes, prompting him to fall in with the revolutionaries. He is not one to sit back and simply allow events to happen around him, he must participate. And when he joins in, he does so with a song on his lips.

Gavroche is a clever boy. He suggests items to add to a barricade that the other revolutionaries had not thought of, with rationale beyond “build a big wall”. He's a creative problem solver, noticing that there is all sorts of perfectly good ammunition lying out there on the dead. However, he is still a child and does not always account for things like the fact that going out looking for that ammunition will leave him exposed to enemy fire.

His creativity extends beyond simple tactics. It is not clear where many of his poems come from, and it is quite likely that he writes some of them himself. He is also skilled at spinning tales, largely as a cover for his more illegal activities.

Despite his rough life, Gavroche still manages to show compassion for others, especially those he deems to be worse off than himself. While he is very hungry himself, he nonetheless takes two unknown children under his wing and ensures that they get something to eat and a safe place to sleep. He strives to teach them the ways of the street to make sure that they can get by. Even starving stray dogs manage to earn his sympathy.

Gavroche also has a whole world of preteen bravado. He's desperate to be taken seriously as a revolutionary. He insists on remaining at the barricade, and on a big gun at that. Like many young children, he thinks himself immortal. Right up until he's not.

Being from 19th century Paris, Gavroche is in for quite the shock when he finds himself on a spaceship. But he has had to be highly adaptable to survive. He's a quick study and will learn to function in space much as he learned to function on the streets. This will largely be done through observation as he will be reluctant to let on how much he doesn't know.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: Gavroche uses his small size to his advantage, slipping unnoticed in the shadows and scurrying up chimneys. He cannot rely on brute strength, so he chooses more creative methods instead. In general, he has the skillset that would be expected of a thief. He is particularly adept at slight of hand as well as being an excellent climber.

Like most children, Gavroche considers himself immortal and is prone to taking unnecessary risks. This tendency ultimately got him killed.

Inventory: Pouch of cartridges, oversized trousers and shirt (well worn)
Appearance: Using his movie appearance. Gavroche looks the quintessential street urchin, dressing in discarded adult's clothing and being generally poorly groomed. He is small for his age, at least when compared to a child in the 21st century, due to poor nutrition.
Age: 11 or 12 (he's not entirely certain himself)

AU Clarification: N/A

Log Sample: It was how clean the ship was that really got to Gavroche. While it was strange to imagine a vessel travelling among the stars, he had never seen an inhabited space where every surface sparkled like this.

Though not that inhabited, he supposed. That was probably what kept it so clean. There were hundreds of rooms on each floor and most of them were empty. And the ones that weren't usually only had one person in them. One! Who had ever heard of such a thing? It would be so easy for a fellow to disappear here and never be found.

But as he crept through the corridors, he was far more interested in seeing what else might have disappeared here. So far there were no bobbies on his tail, so no need to hide. And even a clean place could be have all sorts of things tucked away. Probably more than a dirty one, everything had to go somewhere.

All else was forgotten when he came across the kitchen. "Pardi..." He made a thorough assessment of that room. Climbing on counters. Opening cabinets. Opening... some sort of marvelous cabinet that was cool on the inside. It must be things like this that let them build ships like this. Even in the height of summer, food wouldn't spoil in such a thing!

And no one here to stop him from eating his fill.

Comms Sample:
[He'd wanted to join in on taking the bridge, but Petrelli was a lot more stubborn than Enjolras. With all the talk now that they're trapped, he has to say something]

You know what? Maybe they are off their nuts, but at least they did something. What we've been doing so far hasn't exactly gotten us anywhere yet. About time someone actually try something. We're not just going to leave them to it now, are we? That's just going back to what we were doing before!


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